Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10: Baby Making

Genesis 30-31
Genesis 30 is pretty much a baby making contest between Jacob's wives. At first Rachel can not give birth so she gives Jacob her servant to make babies with. Leah (Jacob's other wife) sees what Rachel did and gives Jacob one of her servants to make babies with. After awhile his wives start having kids too and it gets a little silly.

The last half of Genesis 30 is about sheep evolution. Jacob selectively breeds his sheep so that they have certain traits that he likes (sorry guys, that's evolution).

Genesis 31 is all about Jacob running away from his step father. Rachel steals the "family gods" (which means her children get the inheritance) from her father and hides them in her camel's saddle. When her father catches up to Jacob and searches for the family gods Rachel sits on the camel's saddle and says that she cant stand up because she's on her period.

In the end Jacob and his step father make nice and they part ways.


  1. The first sentence of this is one of the more hilarious things I've ever read. I'm reading this from the first entry on and I'm waiting for the insanity to peak.... it has not done so yet

  2. The funny thing about his breeding, before he took Laban's payment, is that he made them look at some branches and simply what they saw determined what they would come out like. No genetics, just looking at some twigs.

    Wow, if only modern medicine or agriculture could accept such knowledge!



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