Thursday, September 17, 2009

12: Sold

Genesis 35-37
God tells Jacob that he should be called Israel. The bible then just switches back and fourth randomly between calling him Jacob and calling him Israel. Rachel dies and nobody seems terribly upset. We list all of Jacobs sons and Isaac dies, nobody is terribly upset about this either. I think we ran out of interesting story a few chapters ago.

Genesis 36 is all about Esau's descendants. I'm not sure why we care, and it doesn't really seem to have any relevance to the plot (if you can call it a "plot"). We still haven't heard if Esau still wants to kill his brother.

Genesis 37 is pretty strange (shocking I know). Jacob's son Joseph (his favorite) starts having weird dreams and telling everyone about them. The first dream is that he and his brothers are binding sheaves of grain, and suddenly their sheaves get a mind of their own and all of his brothers sheaves bow down to his (innuendo anyone?). He has another dream that the sun, the moon, and eleven stars bow down to him. For some reason he tells his brothers and father this, and for some reason they are mad about him for a dream.

His brothers are so mad at him that they plot to kill him. Cooler heads prevail and they decide to just throw him in a cistern (nice guys). That's until they see a caravan of "Ishmaelites" coming toward them. Then they decide to sell him for 20 shekels of silver. They then fake his death with goats blood and their father buys it.
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