Saturday, September 19, 2009

14: I Have a Dream

Genesis 41-42
Pharaoh has some dreams and his officer remembers that Joseph interpreted his dreams correctly. So Pharaoh calls for Joseph and has him interpret his weird dreams about cows eating each other. Anyway, apparently the seven ugly cows eating the seven fat cows means that there are going to be seven years of prosperity then seven years of famine (that makes perfect sense?). Pharaoh, only based on these interpretations, puts Joseph in charge of his palace. Gullible much? Directly after this he decides that Joseph should also be in charge of all of Egypt, so he can save up food for the 7 famine years. So all I have to do to be the ruler of Egypt is act like I know what your dreams mean?

During the 7 years of prosperity they save one fifth of what they produce to save up for the next 7 years. So presumably they are producing 5 times what they need. They apparently stopped keeping record of how much food they were storing because there was just too much to keep track of, convenient.

The famine starts, and they start selling the grain out of the stores. They also start selling the grain to countries all around them. So they apparently not only have enough food for 7 years, but they have enough food to feed the whole area for 7 years.

Joseph's brothers start to feel the famine (yes, the ones that sold him), so they come to Egypt. Joseph recognizes them, but somehow they don't recognize him. So he accuses them of being spies and tells them send one of them to bring him their youngest brother. This will supposedly prove they are not spies (why?). So he puts them all in jail for three days. I thought he just told them to send one to get their brother, inconsistency abounds. On the third day Joseph lets them out because he "fears God", does that mean he knows he's being a jerk?

One of the brothers has to stay locked up for some reason while the others bring the grain back to their family (that is also Joseph's family) so they don't starve. I guess Joseph just changes the rules on who stays in jail and who goes whenever he wants. The brothers start talking and say (paraphrasing) "do you think this is because of what we did to Joseph?". Firstly, of course it's because of Joseph, stupid, he's staring you right in the face. Secondly, if he really doesn't recognize his brother, why would he make that connection? Joseph overhears them and feels bad for being a jerk so he gives them back the silver they paid for their grain (but he doesn't give back their brother, he doesn't feel that bad). They go back to their father, Jacob, and say that they need to bring their brother back with them to Egypt to prove they aren't spies. He says no because they have already lost him two sons. By "lost", of course, I mean they sold one and got the other one locked away in jail.
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