Monday, September 21, 2009

16: Reunion

Genesis 46-47
Jacob, on his way to Egypt, talks to God. God tells him not to be afraid to settle in Egypt because he will set them up with a great nation there. We'll see if that turns out that way.

Jacob gets to Egypt and is reunited with Joseph. Joseph tells his brothers that they should tell Pharaoh they are shepherds (I'm not sure what else they would say), even though Egyptians hate shepherds (why?). They go to the Pharaoh and tell him they are shepherds and they settle in Goshen. Pharaoh says that if any of them are really good shepherds they should tend his animals.

The Egyptian people spend all their money buying grain from Joseph so they begin selling him livestock. Once Joseph has all of their livestock they start giving him their land. By the time the famine is over, all of Egypt is owned by Joseph and Pharaoh. Joseph promises not to bury Jacob in Egypt when he dies.

Nothing too exciting today.

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  1. Wow scam of the BC era! And im not talking about religeon... that whole story is pretty much a dumbed down conspiricy theory like what a child would think up!



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