Tuesday, September 22, 2009

17: Tribes & Genesis: In Review

Genesis 48-50
Jacob is about to die so he blesses Joseph's children. Jacob places his right hand on Joseph's youngest son as he blesses him. Joseph tries to move his father's right hand to his older son but he refuses because he says that the youngest son will be greater.

Jacob then blesses all of his children and defines the twelve tribes of Israel. Jacob dies and they travel to the burial grounds of Abraham and Isaac to bury him.

Joseph's brothers are afraid that Joseph will hurt them now that their father is dead, but he reassures them that he wont. Joseph lives to the ridiculous age of one hundred and ten (when are these people going to start living to a reasonable age?) and dies. He is embalmed and buried in Egypt.

The end of Genesis!


Genesis: In Review
For a book that is supposed to change my life and is supposed to be written by an all knowing creator, I am rather unimpressed (so far).

Why does every single prophet of God sin so much? You would think an all powerful God could pick a more perfect person to deliver his message.

Why does an all knowing being need to hit the reset button on his own creations? Was it really necessary to flood the earth and kill everyone? If God was really that serious about making us better he could have come down and spoken with every person on the earth simultaneously and asked us to be better people. Why doesn't God even meet our human standards of decency?

God loves, and has empathy, for everyone, but he picks his favorite tribe to bless and give land to for all of time. How does this make any sense? They certainly aren't a perfect tribe, they lie cheat, steal, and kill with the worst of them.

If anything, Genesis has given me a horrible vision of God. God lies, God kills people because they are "wicked", God picks violently imperfect favorites, God orders sin, God doesn't condemn incest, God doesn't condemn lying, God doesn't condemn killing for the most part. God wants us to have free will but brutally kills us when we decide not to do what he likes, is that free will at all?

I remain unconvinced of this inconstant, and generally awful God.

Beginning Tomorrow..... Exodus
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