Sunday, September 27, 2009

22: Sea of Reeds

Exodus 13-15
God says he is going to take the people to the land that he promised to Abraham, it's about time. He also says about 10 times that you aren't allowed to have yeast during passover. You can't even have yeast in your house or you will be ejected from Israel. I'm not sure what the deal is, but I wouldn't give God a reason to not like you (see Exodus 8-11 for what happens to people on God's bad side).

They then have to cross the Sea of Reeds (it says Red Sea in the text, but my annotation says that it translates to Sea of Reeds). This is far less impressive then the standard translation. The text mentions that Moses is carrying around Joseph's bones, because Joseph said that God would come to their aid. But in Joseph's time the Israelites didn't need aid, so why would he say that?

So, I thought God was done with Pharaoh, but apparently not. God again messes with Pharaohs heart so that he pursues the Israelis. God then says that he is going to use Pharaoh and his army to gain glory. So, on a whim, he is going to use innocent peoples lives to give himself glory.

Pharaoh, under God's influence, takes 600 of his best chariots and pursues the Israelites. Moses then parts the Sea of Reeds, whatever that means. The Israelites start going through and God makes the Egyptians follow. As the Egyptians go after them God makes the wheels fall off their chariots.

The Egyptians somehow realize that the wheels falling off their chariots means God is smiting them and they say that they are going to leave. So at this point, they are turning around in defeat, they are not going to kill the Israelis anymore. God will not be robbed of his glory, though, and commands Moses so close the waters and kill all of the Egyptians. So get rid of this idea that God was killing the Egyptians to save the Israelis. God was killing for God's glory.

Moses then sings a song about how God kills all of Israel's enemies. And they basically lay out how they are going to plunder the promise land.

Exodus 15 ends with a small anecdote about God making dirty water good for the Israelites to drink.
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