Monday, September 28, 2009

23: Manna

Exodus 16-18
The Israelites are in the desert, and they aren't happy. They succeed in escaping with the Egyptians' silver; unfortunately silver isn't edible and they are starving. So God (for 40 years) rains down bread, apparently in the form of frosted flakes, onto the Israelis. They are allowed to collect frosted flakes on every day but the seventh. On the sixth they get twice as much so they have enough for the seventh. Because God forbid (literally in this case) they would walk around and pick up bread on Sunday (or whatever day we're talking about).

Apparently some time after they realize they're starving, they realize they're thirsty. That doesn't really make any sense considering they're in the desert, but whatever. So Moses begs God for some water and God tells Moses to go ahead of the rest of them and hit a rock and water will come out of it. And he does, and it is good, or something like that.

Here's an interesting story. The Amalekites, for no apparent reason, attack the Israelis. Moses tells Joshua to fight them and he'll provide moral support from a safe distance. I see how it works Moses. The Bible says that as long as Moses held up his hands the Israelites were winning. So he held up his hands all day, and when he got tired he sat down and his brothers propped up his hands so they would stay in the air. I'm not sure what Moses' hands have to do with the course of the battle. Of course the Amalekites are defeated. For their defeat they get God hating them forever because they attacked his chosen people. Isn't God supposed to love everyone not just a select group of people?

Exodus 18 is all about Moses' father in law coming to talk to Moses. He pretty much tells him that he shouldn't be doing the judging for all of the Israelis. He should appoint some people as judges and have them only send Moses the hard to decide cases. Bravo common sense, maybe it wasn't at the time though, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. Yep, I think Ex 18 is the first chapter in the Bible that makes perfect sense. It only took 60ish chapters!



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