Monday, October 5, 2009

30: Under Construction

Exodus 36-38
It looks like today is going to be pretty unexciting. The Israelites are just building everything God already told Moses to build (and I have therefore already talked about it).

They construct the tabernacle. Make the ark, table, lampstand, and altar of incense. They also make the perfume and incense. They construct the altar of burnt offering, the basin for washing, and the courtyard.

Was it really necessary to repeat all of these things in extreme detail? This entire section could be summed up with "they did what God told them to do."

They list all the materials they used (again, stolen from the Egyptians) and the section ends.

As a side note. Why are they staying here and building when they should be leaving like God told them to in Exodus 33? Are they being stubborn? Because we've already established that God kills stubborn people.

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  1. Hello! Saw you just joined the Atheist Blogroll. I've read and re-read the bible when I was a young child. I'll be bookmarking your site as I'm interested to see how I would interpret the tome as an adult. Excellent project.



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