Monday, September 14, 2009

9: Jacob

Genesis 27-29
Genesis 27 starts out with Isaac at an old age. He is nearly blind and apparently only tells the difference between his sons by feeling how furry they are (I'm not making this up). Isaac tells Esau (his favorite son) to go hunt and make him a nice meal so that Isaac can bless him. Rebekah overhears Isaac tell Esau this and tells the other son Jacob to go get lambs from their flock and feed his father that. Thus tricking Isaac into blessing Jacob instead of Esau. Jacob says that he's not hairy enough to pull this off so his mother gets goatskins and put's it on him. This works and Isaac blesses Jacob with dominion over his brothers.

Esau comes back and finds that his brother has stolen his blessing (I guess Isaac only has one blessing to go around) and vows to kill his brother.

Jacob avoids getting killed and moves away. He settles in the east and works for 7 years to get a wife. The father that he made the deal with decides that he should marry his older daughter even though Jacob just worked for 7 years for the younger one. He marries the older daughter anyway, works 7 more years, and also marries the younger daughter. So much for the sanctity of marriage.


  1. Cause this was written at a time where women were treated as commodity, as items.

  2. So God's will fluctuates with the prevalent morals at the time?

    But I thought moral integrity stemmed only from the Bible... this makes my head hurt.



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