Sunday, September 6, 2009


I will be reading the bible and critically reviewing it during a one year period. I will do my best to be a non-biased reviewer. I will generally not be commenting on whether the events in the bible actually happened, but rather on whether the story line is cohesive and makes sense. I have found a website that divides the bible into 365 sections and I will be using this as my guide. I will be using the New International Version as I read and quote from the bible. I will do my best to make one post per day. There will be 365 entries and my final post will be on September 6, 2010.

I am told that reading the bible is a life changing experience that will fully and unequivocally convince me of the existence of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and maybe unicorns. I am also told, when I quote some seemingly strange passages from the bible, that I am merely taking them out of context, and that I would understand the "true" meaning if only I would read the bible in it's entirety. I also look forward to the day that when someone asks me disdainfully "well, have you actually read the bible?" my reply can be "yes, have you?".

I would encourage everyone to read along, if they are able, to make sure I'm not "reading it wrong" or something of that sort.

The last day of bible reading will be September 5th, 2010.


  1. Godspeed good sir. Godspeed.

    Or, you know, superhuman-speed

  2. I can't wait until you get to Ezekiel 37. Really, hurry up. ;)

  3. Great site! Can't wait until you get to Numbers 31: 13-18, one of my favorites. Please don't judge Moses, his "button" men...and The Capo tutti capi aka, Yahweh, too harshly. I'll try to keep up!

  4. I always find it interesting when people who claim to live their lives by the Bible have no idea that they're supposed to stone adulterers, take slaves, prostitute young girls to total strangers and burn homosexuals. There are all sorts of other unpleasant punshments to be levied for other reasons.

    There's no expiry date or clarifying note that says we aren't to take it literally, yet most Bible-followers... aren't.

    I shall diligently read all of this with interest.

  5. I'm reading the bible (I'm an atheist) and I was going to do a blog about my thoughts and experiences on each chapter.

    I'm up to Genesis 43 at the moment (joseph and the egyptians). I wanted to provide a critical yet compassionate view of the bible (as in, limit biased atheist ranting as much as possible), however I've realised that I couldn't blog without screaming at people.

    The Old Testament is so fucking strange, it's like an old twisted fairy tale. In that sense, I actually like it, because it presents the world and mankind as a dark mysterious place where the rules are quite immoral in comparison modern terms.

    It seems to talk about the brutality and pettyness of man - which would be cool if people didn't try to actually follow the old testament in a moralistic way - rather read it as an enlightenment as to what man is capable of and what his darkest feelings are (for instance, the amount of betrayal by siblings, fucking ones daughter in law when one thought she was a prostitute, turning ones own illegitimate children out etc.)

    Anyway, I'll be interested to read your blog, because I've ditched my attempt.

  6. I project the Apocalypse to be Sept 5, 2010

  7. I love what you're doing here, but I haven't had the time yet to read any of what you've posted, outside of skimming in admiration. I've been extremely busy myself trying to cram my head with knowledge of things before I begin college later in the fall. I should probably get reading the Bible out of the way too, however. Anyhow, thank you for posting that link that divides the Bible up into sections for a years reading, I will definitely take a look. It's something I've been looking for to guide me along. :) I too want to experience that great moment of, "Yes, have you?"

  8. I knew I couldn't be the only one doing this sort of thing. =)

  9. Very cool. I read the bible last summer in 90 days (which was as stupid as it sounds), but it does feel like a great accomplishment now that I'm done. I'm actually moving on to the Qur'an now. And since seeing your blog, I decided to write about my reactions on my blog:

    So thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Newcomer here. I was sent a link to your blog from my son, I'm glad he sent it.

  11. What a fantastic project--I'll be sure to keep looking in.

  12. Dude, you are doing an awesome job!!...I've been reading your posts for one week now :D...Never been a fan of reding the bible, this stuff is good...I am headed to purdue as well for the fall 2010 term..Hope to meet :D

  13. Here you go:
    This site contains tons of rebuttals to what many call Bible-contradictions. Read them and use them to make a more persuasive argument against Christianity...and I guess Judaism too.

  14. So glad to have chanced upon your blog! I'm an atheist (in the closet for the most part, unfortunately) and have just started reading the Bible from front to back. Have read parts of it over the years (especially during my Christian period), but I want to write my thoughts and questions on each chapter. That way, when I come out as an atheist to relatives I will have ammo ready. ;)

    Funny how as long as a religious belief is held by the majority, it doesn't need to be proven. Having faith is good enough.



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