Wednesday, October 14, 2009

39: Healthy Testicles

Leviticus 22-23
These sections are very unexciting unless you're a practicing Jew and feel that you need to follow all of the rather arbitrary commands. There is a lot of repetition in these sections on top of it not being that interesting in the first place. It seems like the bible just goes through and repeats what kind of animals are acceptable to slaughter every couple of chapters.

There are a couple of new developments though. An ox or a sheep can be deformed or stunted and still be an offering but it cannot fulfill a vow. But there is something God wont compromise on. Any animal that you offer must have healthy unblemished testicles. I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

All Leviticus 23 talks about is celebrations that have already been talked about. And as I said, they really don't seem to have much significance unless you are a practicing Jew.

God is definitely still going to be pissed if you work on the sabbath. Really, don't work on the sabbath. Did I forget to mention don't work on the sabbath? I'll leave you with something the bible obviously thinks is important, because it repeats it constantly. Don't. Ever. Work. On. The. Sabbath. We got it!
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