Friday, October 16, 2009

41: Christians Eat Babies Too & Leviticus: In Review

Leviticus 26-27
I read Leviticus 26 before I started this, and I have something to say before I begin writing. Holy shit. This section is insane, if you read none of my other entries read this one. I see no way someone can continue deluding themselves with this "all loving God" hypothesis.

First, the "reward for obedience". Your land will yield huge crops, you will live in safety, and there will be peace in your land. God will also be sure to remember his covenant with the Israelis. As we will see, he sometimes forgets. (God forgets? I guess so)

***begin insanity***
Second, the punishment for disobedience. God will bring upon you sudden terror and wasting disease that will blind you and destroy your life. Any seeds you plant will be eaten by your enemies. God will make sure that your enemies prevail over you, and force you to be so afraid that you will run when nobody is chasing you.

If you still refuse to listen, God will punish you seven times over. God will make the sky above you iron and the ground below you bronze so you cannot sow your fields. If you still don't listen God will again multiply your punishment by 7 (we're up to 49x the Godly horror). Wild animals will come after you and eat your children, your cattle, and all the people of your town.

If you still wont listen God will multiply your punishment by 7 times again (343x the punishment). God will come after you with his sword and when you hide in the cities a plague will follow you and kill you. You will eat but you will never be satisfied (welcome to America).

If you still wont listen... Ok, stop here for a minute. If God is after you with his sword, just say "yes sir". I assure you, the day God comes down with a sword and comes after me I will not only believe but I will do whatever the hell he tells me, no wild animals devouring my children necessary... We're not done yet... If you still wont listen God will again multiply your sins by seven (2401x, I wonder what happens when we get over 9000?!).

Here's what 2401 times the punishment entails. You will eat your children. Yes, God is going to make you EAT YOUR CHILDREN! He will destroy your cities and pile your dead bodies on top of your idols. He will destroy your sanctuaries and he wont take pleasure in the smell of your burning sacrifices. You know God is pissed when he doesn't want to smell your burning flesh any more. God will abhor you. But he loves you? Where is the love part? Even your enemies will be appalled at how God has destroyed you (at least someone has a conscience). It says the land will enjoy itself, so at least someone (something?) is happy.

For those who are left, God will make them so scared that even the rustling of leaves will make them run. They will apparently just keep running away from their imaginary enemies until they are dead.

If at some point you decide that you should start worshiping God again (post mortem?), God will give you back your land. He will also stop hating you (this is as opposed to what he's doing now, which is not loving you).

I think we can only come to one conclusion based on Leviticus 26, God is completely insane. There seems to be no ambiguity on when God loves you. And it's not always. It's only when you are obeying him. So how can we stick to this delusion that God is all loving? I've seen more of God's hatred than I've seen of his love so far.
***end insanity***

Leviticus 27 is largely unexciting. It sets the values for anything that you want to dedicate to God. I find it strange that it sets a numerical, monetary value to human life. I tend to think that Christian morals do not involve setting a value to human life, yet here it is in the bible. Where are these Christians getting their morals from? We've already predetermined that we only get our morals from the bible, so we'll ignore this evidence to the likewise.

Leviticus: In Review
We seem to be getting more crazy instead of less crazy here. God has lain out the punishment for almost everything a human could possibly do. The punishment is nearly always death.

Why is God creating these children only to immediately destroy them for their smallest discretion? Why does a God that "loves" us so much, hate and destroy so often?

There isn't too much to review here, there was almost no story. God seemed to just lay down the laws and threaten with horrible deaths if we didn't obey. What's the point? Why does God feel that it's necessary to come down and torture the people he supposedly loves? If you love someone wouldn't you just leave them instead of being insane and torturing them?

I leave you with a quote from our "all loving" God: "I will destroy your high places, cut down your incense altars and pile your dead bodies on the lifeless forms of your idols, and I will abhor you." - Leviticus 26:30


  1. So how can we stick to this delusion that God is all loving? I've seen more of God's hatred than I've seen of his love so far.

    Now you can see the germ of an idea that birthed Calvinism.

    My guess is that it's the same germ of an idea that birthed the theology of Fred "God Hates Everyone Except Me and Mine" Phelps. You can really see it in Phelps - God hates everyone and everything because they do things God (as interpreted by Phelps) hates. So God brings terror down onto the US because he hates the US. And the only way to stop the terror is to do what God (as interpreted by Phelps) says. It's right there in the Bible after all, so long as you assume that God's commands for Israel are commands to the entire world. And a "literal interpretation" of scripture, as well as empirical observations of how the world works, lends a lot of credence to this view (if you start with an assumption that God exists, of course). After all, it's very difficult to look at the world and postulate an all-loving God. Philosophers and apologists have had to run rings around themselves to justify it for millennia now. OTOH, postulating a God who hates most people and wants to make them suffer is really damn easy based on the evidence at hand.

  2. There's actually more than one "god" in the OT, but you'd have to read Hebrew to really see it apparently. The OT god acts like a spoiled five year old who decides to throw a tantrum when he doesn't get his way. And the NT god is schizophrenic, so go figure. LOL

    I'd say I read about 85% of the Bible in college for various history classes, but I've not read the entire thing. I really should try this myself. I prefer the New Oxford Annotated though, it explains the differences in translations for words that are controversial, etc. This is very important because English lacks a whole ton of adjectives that Hebrew has. You might not think this is a problem, until you consider whether to translate a term as "young woman" or "virgin". :D



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