Friday, October 23, 2009

48: Let's Go Back

Numbers 14-15
After seeing the armies of the Canaanites and the Amalekites the people rebel. They say that they should go back to Egypt or they will be killed by the opposing armies. God is angry that the people would dare doubt him and he says he is going to kill everyone. Moses talks him out of it again. And again, Moses essentially says "what will the Egyptians think of you if you rescue your people only to kill them out in the dessert?". Why does God care what people think of him? On a more profound level, how can Moses talk God out of something? God obviously knew what people were going to think of him before Moses pointed it out, otherwise God wouldn't even be as intelligent as Moses. This is horribly inconsistent with the "all knowing" and "all loving" part of God's character.

It gets even worse. Moses asks God to forgive the people for what they've done, and he immediately says "I have forgiven them". What? I usually try not to get too ahead of myself, but what is Jesus for if God can immediately forgive people just because Moses asks? There is yet to be any mention of an afterlife, so maybe that's what Jesus is for.

God seems to have a strange definition of "I forgive them". He sets them out into the dessert and says that only two of the people currently alive in Israel will live to see the promise land. God also says they will know what it's like to "have [God] against you".

A group of men decide to try to take the promise land for themselves. Wait a minute here, wasn't the whole point of rebelling that they wouldn't fight the people in the promise land? They die because God was not with them. Or because they were a small band of farmers with no military experience. I'll let you decide.

Numbers 15 just reiterates how to give offerings (really? quit repeating these things). The only thing interesting that happens is that a group of Israelites find another Israeli gathering wood on the sabbath. The people that find him bring him back to Moses. Moses consults God and God personally says "The man must die". For collecting wood on the wrong arbitrarily decided day of the week?! God definitely showed his love and forgiving with that guy.


  1. Wow, I am a Christian and i like your blog. I can understand why your interpretation of the bible is so confused. I can tell your hungry for awnsers. Seek and you will find.

  2. Oh, buy Chuck Missler - Learn the Bible in 24 hours, I would suggest the video version!!

    P.S. Where is your email address? I want to contact you!

  3. Why is my interpretation of the bible "confused"? I don't see another way to interpret some of these passages.

    There is a "contact me" button at the bottom of the page, and you can find me on twitter with the button over there -->.

  4. "I can understand why your interpretation of the bible is so confused."

    LOL. I would LOVE to hear the elucidation of that comment. Bible365, you seem right on to me.

  5. Interpret the bible according to the culture of the day to have a greater understanding of the text. I would suggest you purchase a "mannerisms and customs" book.

    The bible you are reading is not in chronological order, from the entries you have posted you seemed frustrated at repetitions and satires which have jumped from place to place. I would suggest you purchase a chronological bible.

    For more efficiency purchase/read from the Amplified Version also, it will help you "fill in the gaps", instead of making assumptions within the text.

    Please if you are seeking the truth, read from a OPEN, but critical stance

    The bible has many connections; it is not like a novel. Things are written in the way it was written for a purpose; “Ignorance of purpose does not cancel purpose”. Look and ask, Why is it repeating, where was this word used before and in what situation.

    There is plenty more things to say, but i will email it to you.

    This is going to be fun. I love sceptics, because no matter what they say, they/you are still hungry for the TRUTH.

    I will email you!!

  6. My problem is not that the bible is repetitive. I might complain about it but I don't have a moral problem with repetition (it's more of a literary problem). My problem is that God randomly kills people. You can fill in all the gaps you want but God still brutally kills people for seemingly small reasons.

    I think I'm being pretty open. I don't think there is any place where I've intentionally misconstrued something. I encourage you to comment if I somehow misrepresent what the bible says, and I will try to correct my mistake.



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