Wednesday, October 28, 2009

53: Census - Part II

Numbers 26-27
Oh no! Another census. Moses counts everyone again. Somehow these are all new people, only Moses, Caleb and Joshua were left from the original Israelis that were counted. There are still a little over 600,000 Israelis, probably because God kills them off constantly.

Numbers 27 is about who should inherit your belongings when you die. Pretty unexciting. The last section in Numbers 27 is about Joshua inheriting the leadership of Israel from Moses. God is apparently still mad about the whole water from the rock thing (I never did figure out what Moses and Aaron did) so he is going to kill Moses. They supposedly didn't follow God's orders about the water from the rock. Seems like they followed his orders just fine to me.

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  1. (I never did figure out what Moses and Aaron did)

    My understanding of the story about the rock as given in Numbers 20 is:

    1. God told Moses (and Aaron) to speak to the rock to cause water to come out.

    2. Moses goes to the rock, cusses out the Israelites for being idiots, takes the credit for bringing water from the rock instead of glorifying God, and then hits the rock with his staff to make water come out instead of just talking to the rock.

    So depending on who's interpreting the story, Moses is either punished because he disobeyed God by hitting the rock instead of talking to it or because he insulted God by not giving God the proper credit. I've heard both interpretations from different priests. Either interpretation fits the character of Yahweh that we've seen to this point - he's fairly strict on the whole "obeying orders" thing, but he's also pretty petty when it comes to people glorifying his name.



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