Friday, November 6, 2009

62: Everything That's Wrong with Religion

Deuteronomy 11-13
Deuteronomy 11 is titled "Love and Obey the Lord". It pretty much repeats everything that's been said already. Keep all of God's decrees, love/fear God, etc.

Deuteronomy 12 goes over again what animals you should eat and where you should eat them. It reiterates that you are not allowed to eat (drink?) blood, because the blood is where the life is, and you aren't allowed to eat life. What does that mean "the life is in the blood"? I'm fairly certain that "life" is not confined to the circulatory system.

To me, Deuteronomy 13 is everything that's wrong with religion all wrapped up in one chapter. It lays out what you are supposed to do with a prophet that doesn't agree with your God. First, let's keep in mind that Moses is a prophet, so anything they say from here on out is absolute hypocrisy. Any prophet among you that see's signs and produces miracles, but says that other Gods produced them, should be immediately put to death. But Moses is prophesying and producing miracles about a God that's different than everyone else's. So those other religions probably tell them to put Moses to death. I think anyone can see that there is a huge problem with this.

The section goes on to explain why someone would be prophesying and producing miracles. Why you ask? Because God is testing you. That's perfect. This is obviously a disciple, who is being used to test you by God. So we should immediately silence him, by killing him.

If your brother son or daughter or any close relative mentions that you should worship other Gods, you should be the first in line to kill them. This is specifically so that everyone in Israel will be afraid to say anything like that again. It's great that God's only method of getting people to follow him is fear of murder. This is the good guy?

If you hear about a town that is worshiping another God, you are to slaughter everyone in the town, and burn all their belongings in the town square. Because of this, God will show you compassion and increase your numbers. So, again, God is on the pro killing everyone in a town side.

***Begin getting ahead of myself***
I wonder how Christians today so easily write off the murderous being that is God in the old testament. Was God's character somehow changed between now and then? That can't be, because a God that can change his mind isn't very all knowing or all powerful. So we can only conclude that God still wants to kill us and slaughter the non-believers, he's just incapable because of Jesus' sacrifice. And the conclusion we bring from this is that God loves us? No. Just no.

By the way, Jesus is God and God is Jesus? I'm not going to say too much about this yet, because I've not read that part yet, but I've been told many times that Jesus and God are one being. So if Jesus and God are one being, how can he half love is and half still want to kill us? And how can Jesus love us while God (admittedly) hates us?
***End getting ahead of myself***

*Bible News*
Malaysian officials have seized thousands of bibles that use the word "Allah" instead of "God". The BBC story is here.

This is apparently because they are afraid of offending the Muslim population. I would imagine that if people in the United States started handing out Qur'ans with the word "Allah" replaced with "Jesus" that there would be some offended Christians as well.


  1. Want to understand the Jesus is God dilemma?
    The Identity Crisis
    Makes perfect sense...

  2. Sorry, I know this post is pretty old and I've hesitated to comment on the older posts because it seems kinda ridiculous, but this must be said!

    "I wonder how Christians today so easily write off the murderous being that is God in the old testament. "


    Just as we accepted Michael Keaton as Batman so too did we accept Val Kilmer and even George Clooney. I wish I could remember the quote exactly but it never fails to make my laugh to think of that answer. :D I seriously recommend getting a copy of The Reduced Shakespeare Company's CD The Bible: The Complete Word Of God (Abridged). It is hilarious. :)

    Also, this is an awesome project. I've been pondering doing something similar by going through the entire Bible and listing all the women ever mentioned and what they do/happens to them just to have proof of how anti-woman the Bible is (because I have the hardest time explaining to Christians why I hate the Bible so much since they don't seem to really get how sexist it all is). After seeing your blog I think I may actually give it a shot. :) So yeah, awesome stuff! :D



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