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71: Walls of Jericho

Joshua 5-8
As happens every few chapters, the Israelites forget to circumcise everyone. God reminds them and Joshua makes flint knives and chops up everyone's penis. I've still don't really understand why they have to do this.

As Joshua heads toward Jericho, he meets a man with a drawn sword. Joshua asks if he is a friend or enemy, the man says that he is sent from God. Joshua is immediately convinced, that was easy. He asks what message God has for him. The angels message is "take off your sandals". That's all, inspiring. It doesn't say anything about the angel after this.

For six days, Joshua is to march around Jericho with his priests carrying trumpets. On the seventh day he is to march around the city seven times playing the trumpets. On the seventh time around everyone shouted and they blew the trumpets, and the walls of Jericho fell. The big question here is why did they have to dance around the city for 7 days for God to make the walls fall down? It obviously wasn't the trumpets that made the walls fall, there had to be some divine help. Why does God need his creations to dance before he will do anything?

They, of course, spare no one in the city. How is killing a defenseless child not murder? The only person in the city they do spare is Rahab the prostitute. I guess she was the lucky one.

An Israelite named Achan decided to keep some of the plunder from Jericho, which is a big no no because God wants them to burn the plunder.

Joshua, not realizing that one of his people had sinned, sends three thousand men to take the city of Ai. God decides not to help them because of Achan, but doesn't let anyone know that before hand. The Israelites are routed by the people of Ai, because they didn't have Gods help.

God finally tells Joshua that someone sinned among them. Joshua starts asking around, saying "give glory to the Lord", "give him praise", and "Tell me what you've done, do not hide it". Finally Achan cracks and tells Joshua what he's done. Ok, now he's going to get rewarded for his honesty right? They can just get rid of all of the stuff he stole and burn it or something. Wrong. I never learn. They take all his possessions and his wife and children. Stone him to death first, then stone his wife and children. Then they burn everything. Nice guys.

Now that God is happy again, Joshua takes all of his forces and invades Ai. Of course, they kill everyone in the city, not sparing women or children. They did save the king though, so they could lynch him outside the city. Again, these are obviously the most good and righteous people in the world.

Joshua renews the covenant again, that's getting old.

The Vatican is talking about aliens. Not the foreign person kind, the extraterrestrial kind. They seem to have decided somehow that this isn't a problem for their religion. But if we do find extraterrestrial life that's a big problem for the earth-centered bible. Especially if these aliens are more intelligent than we are. If we are created in God's image, yet there are more intelligent creatures out there, then God has some problems.

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  1. Didn't the Israelis tell Rahab that they would spare her family when they invade. Yet another promise broken.



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