Friday, January 1, 2010

118: Lost and Found

2 Kings 20-22
When the king heard the words of the Book of the Law, he tore his robes. - 2 Kings 22:11

Hezekiah becomes ill and God tells him to put his house in order because he's going to die. Hezekiah tells God to remember how good he's been. God then decides that he's going to give Hezekiah 15 more years. Did God just change his mind again?

As a sign that God is going to heal Hezekiah, God moves a shadow. We've gone from parting seas and raining fire and brimstone, to moving shadows? I can move a shadow, give me a candle and a piece of paper. My powers are now equal to God's.

God tells Hezekiah that some day all of his treasures will be taken to Babylon. God also mentions that Hezekiah's descendants will be carried off to be eunuchs in the palace at Babylon. Hezekiah thinks this is great. What? Yes, Hezekiah thinks this is wonderful, because this means that there will be peace in his lifetime. Selfish jerk.

Judah has two more bad kings after Hezekiah dies. They bring back the Asherah poles and start worshiping Baal again. God says that he's going to wipe out Jerusalem as one wipes out a dish. But he doesn't actually do it (as of today's section).

Judah then gets another good king (Josiah) after the previous king's assassination. Josiah decides to clean up and repair the temples of God. As his workers are doing this they find the old book of law (Deuteronomy I presume?). Josiah tears his clothes when he sees that he hasn't been following the laws.

God says that he is going to enact all of the punishments that he spelled out in the book of law. However, God sees that Josiah tore his clothes. Josiah's reward for his being humble is that he will die in peace. His reward is death? Great reward.

It's new years day, which means it's time for all the Christians to resolve to read the bible in a year. I guess I started a little early.

The Google trends page for "read the bible in a year" is pretty amusing. Nobody seems to care about reading the bible in a year till new years time. So, to all you Christians out there who are about to try to read the bible for a year, don't let it worry you that an atheist is 118 days ahead of you.

If you want to follow a (boring) Christian reading the bible for a year (*yawn*) go here.

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  1. From the Christian bible-reader's post you linked:

    "Each day includes a reading from the Old Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and the New Testament." Carefully chosen, one suspects, to make it look like it hangs together & makes sense.

    "[You'll need] a journal or notebook. I strongly believe that if you want God to speak to you, you'd better be ready to take notes when he does...even if all you write is 'I have no idea what any of this means.' God will respond!" Yeah, whatever comes to mind, that's a thought from God. Even if your thought it, "WTF??? This book does not make any sense."



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