Thursday, January 7, 2010

124: Samuel, Disguised as Chronicles

1 Chronicles 9-11
Saul said to his armor-bearer, "Draw your sword and run me through, or these uncircumcised fellows will come and abuse me." But his armor-bearer was terrified and would not do it; so Saul took his own sword and fell on it. - 1 Chronicles 10:4

My first reaction to this section was "text that doesn't look like a list! It must be a story!" I was right, but unfortunately the stories are the exact same things we've already talked about. Why would the writers tell us the stories that go with theses genealogies but not the stories from, say, Genesis? These stories don't seem any more relevant/interesting than any others.

The stories they mention are: Saul killing himself, David becoming king (and conquering Jerusalem), and David's mighty men (which I barely mentioned before because they're not very interesting). The stories are pretty much copied verbatim.

Republican gubernatorial candidate for Alabama, Bradley Byrne, is scrambling to recant his "anti-bible" statement.

Bradley Byrne

He is quoted as saying:
I think there are parts of the Bible that are meant to be literally true and parts that are not ... It is unimportant whether some details of the Bible, such as people living for hundreds of years, are factually correct.
A republican candidate from Alabama should know better than to say things like that.

The fundie backlash was swift. Byrne received his first big endorsement from the Alabama Retail Association, which owns a grocery store named Piggly Wiggly (awesome name). This is what one person has to say about the endorsement:
Just got a call from a person at my Church letting me know about this. My family will not be shopping at Ragland Piggly Wiggly stores anymore or anything else they [the Alabama Retail Association presumably] own. I don't shop at places that think it is OK to stand next to people who don't believe the Bible is all true.
Right, because the opinions of your grocery store management matter so much when it comes to buying groceries. We must maintain the sanctity of Piggly Wiggly!

Byrne now says that he was misquoted and says "I believe the Bible is true, every word of it." Of course you do *winkwink*.

(via The Huntsville Times)

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  1. Wait a minute! Hold the phone here!

    This guy is a reputable, or least acknowledged, politician, right? And that statement got labeled as anti-biblical??

    It's official, I am taking crazy pills. The world has now confirmed it for me.

    I tried to do some digging on this, and found this comment on under a news article:

    I actually had hopes for Byrne as the intelligent, reasonable voice of the Republican party. Apparently he believes that religious intolerance trumps jobs and economic development. Too bad. [posted by fightingfem]

    I'm sorry, but I have no reference point for this. I'm from Canada. Yes, we do have fundies here and we have religious political leaders. But this wouldn't even be considered newsworthy. Is this just an interesting soundbite or something? I need some more background here -- like how many people would actually boycott this store? What percentage of voters would actually have their vote swayed because of this one quote/misquote/respin incident?



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