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133: King Solomon, Again

2 Chronicles 9-12
The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents - 2 Chronicles 9:13

The Queen of Sheba visits Solomon and tells him how awesome he is (this is described in the same detail as it was the first time *yawn*). We then get back to the part where Solomon makes 666 talents per year. I wonder if he's upset if he doesn't get precisely 666 talents. Solomon dies and Rehoboam takes over. The king of Egypt tries to invade but Rehoboam repels the invasion. I would go into more detail but I've already talked about all of this in 1/2 Kings.

Another fundie today! I can't tell if this is a writer for the newspaper or just a letter to the editor (I certainly hope it's the latter).

From the very first paragraph we can tell that this is going to be a piece of fair and balanced reporting:
The leader of the House of Representatives and the majority leader of the Senate have each cobbled together a Health Care Reform bill.

What a joke.
People are dying or otherwise suffering because their insurance company won't pay for care. Hilarious! Anyway, we'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's hear out his argument:
Neither of these deals brokered in secret merely among Democrats reform anything, much less health care. Each of these proposals are more than two thousand pages long. Yet each fails to do what they are supposed to do. Compare this legal beagle gobbledygook to the following most important documents ever written.

The King James version of the Holy Bible, which contains more than 500 statutes and laws, is less than 1,500 pages long, at least my copy is. Had the Lord God attempted to hide the laws from mankind, as the Congress is doing, then he would have used all the trees on the planet for all the paperwork. The difference is the Holy Bible reveals the truth. It also sets us free in Christ.
Let me get this straight, the basis of his argument is that the document is too long? I'm not sure what he's even trying to say in the second paragraph, who cares what God would have done had he wanted to hide laws? Also, I'm fairly certain that the King James bible isn't an American legal document. Laws, and legal documents in general, tend to be very verbose to close loopholes.

I may as well just give you the rest of the article:
The second most important document is the Constitution of the United States.

This document, which sets out the laws which determine the governance of the nation, is less than 50 pages long. Once again this document does not hide the laws and amendments, rather it reveals them.

A group of high school students could produce a law regarding true health care reform that would likely cover less than 500 pages.

This reform bill would include pre-existing conditions, health insurance for those below the poverty line, allowance for insurance companies to sell across state lines, tort reform and portability of plans.

The costs would probably be less than one-tenth the debacle proposed by Congress.
First of all, the constitution is really a framework for laws. For example, the constitution says we have the right to free speech. But what does that mean? Does that mean we can yell "fire!" in a crowded room? No. There is, I'm sure, incredibly verbose case histories/law that defines what "free speech" actually means. So you can say the constitution is succinct (therefore better) but the constitution itself certainly doesn't close all the loopholes of American law.

The second part is just stupid. High school students could not write a short law, or any law at all, that would be better than what is being proposed to congress. I'm sure they could write a law, but it would be full of loopholes and they would certainly have no idea how to cut costs. Not to mention that high school students are statistically more liberal, which means they probably wouldn't write the kind of law this guy would like anyway.

Now, I don't claim to know everything in the health-care bill. But I'm almost positive that it covers pre-existing conditions, and health insurance for those below the poverty line.

(via Current-Argus)


  1. "Had the Lord God attempted to hide the laws from mankind..." then He/he/She/she/it would have used metaphorical language and many different authors with many different agendas... oh wait, no... ugh, language so frustrating! Not fair! Not fair!

    I can't remember how, but it was pointed out to me recently that the U.S.A. is the only country in the G7 (or G8? I can't even name all the countries in that 'in-group' now) that doesn't have a universal healthcare system.

    Is this correct?

    I would maybe wager that the U.S.A. has a greater population and a larger government and a larger legal system than the ancient Jewish culture. So, 2000 pages sounds small to me.

  2. The other G8 countries - Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia - all have universal health care systems.



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