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138: Muslims Started It, So It's Totally Ok

2 Chronicles 28-31
The other events of his reign and all his ways, from beginning to end, are written in the book of the kings of Judah and Israel. - 2 Chronicles 28:26

Blah! I'm not sure if I can survive two more days of this. It's taking me about twice as long as usual to read these sections because I keep zoning out. In case you're just tuning in. All these stories are repeated, and they weren't interesting to start with. I literally had more fun watching grass grow than I did reading this section of the bible.

Kings listed today: Ahaz, and Hezekiah. I know I talked about them before, but for the sanity of my readers I'm not posting the links. If you are already crazy you can go find the old posts yourself.

I thought this story was dead, but not quite yet. Not to mention that my google alert inbox is flooded with "Jesus scope" stories.

Anyway, Faux news has jumped on this story. Apparently it's ok to have bible quotes on our scopes (and to wage a holy war for that matter) because the Muslims "started it".

What the hell Steve Douchey? I mean... Doocey. I think we've reached a new and exciting level of stupid. War is obviously the perfect time to use the "Nah nah nah nah you started it!" argument.

If you saw the edit to my original post, you've seen the happy ending to this story (not sarcastic happy this time!). Trijicon has decided to stop adding bible quotes to the end of their serial numbers. In fact, they are sending out kits free of charge that will assist in removing the scriptural references on the existing scopes.

*More News*
I've already talked about that story, so I have a new one for today. Is it ok to read the bible in a public school? The courts say no way.

Donna Kay Busch wanted to read the bible for her son's "All about me" presentation:
One part of the “All About Me” curriculum included inviting parents to “share a talent, short game, small craft, or story” with the class that would highlight something about their child.
Apparently Donna thinks the bible falls into the "story" category. The principle, not so much:
Busch told Wesley’s teacher in advance what she planned to read. The school principal objected, saying reading from the Bible would violate the First Amendment’s required separation of church and state. He said reading the Bible to kindergarten students in a public school class with required attendance would be promotion of a particular type of religion in violation of constitutional protections against the establishment of state-sponsored religion. He asked her to read from a different book.
She, of course, responded by suing the school (the American way). She has been appealing for the last four years.
Chief Judge Anthony Sirica of the third US circuit court of appeals said this in his majority opinion:
A reading from the Bible or other religious text is more than a message and unquestionably conveys a strong sense of spiritual and moral authority. In this case, the audience is involuntary and very young. Parents of public school kindergarten students may reasonably expect their children will not become captive audiences to an adult’s reading of religious texts.
The mother was recently denied her appeal to the supreme court. They dismissed the case without comment.

I'm actually thoroughly un-pissed off by the news stories today.

(via The Christian Science Monitor)
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