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139: A Movie About Angels Killing People? Blasphemy!

2 Chronicles 32-34
And the LORD sent an angel, who annihilated all the fighting men and the leaders and officers in the camp of the Assyrian king. So he withdrew to his own land in disgrace. - 2 Chronicles 32:21

I thought there was going to be nothing to talk about again today but I did find something (that just so happens to tie into my news story for the day). First of all, let's get the kings listed out of the way: Hezekiah, Manasseh, and Josiah.

Now, the interesting part. When Hezekiah was king, the king of Assyria (Sennacherib) tried to attack Jerusalem. Sennacherib said nasty things about God and about Hezekiah. As punishment, God sends an angel and destroys Sennacherib's army. This isn't the first time God has sent angels to do his destroying (I would find some links, but I don't remember exactly where they were and I don't feel like looking through 140 posts). It's interesting that we have this wonderful image of angels in America these days. Scroll down and read the news story if you want to see how this ties in.

My Bible on: Money
If you don't know what this is go here or here.

Mon-ey (mun-ee) n.
the official currency, as coins and paper notes issued by the government.


(ALTERNATE DEFINITION what you never have enough of when you go to the mall)

Do you always feel like you don't have enough money? [Yes, that's how the economy works] Is that because you need more money? [Yes, that's how the economy works] Or is it because the world you live in is always pressuring you to get more, more, more? [That too, that's how the economy works] How much are you affected by what your friends have? [I generally want something cool that my friends have, that's how the economy works] How much are you affected by what the media says you need? [I'd like to think that I'm not personally affected that much. But a lot of people are. That's how marketing (part of the economy) works.]

How much money do you spend each week? [Are you going to answer any questions or just ask them? None of your business by the way.] How much do you earn? [Definitely none of your business.] How much is your allowance? [$0] How much money do you think you need? [How much were you going to give me?] How much does your mom or dad think you need? [Why are you asking all these questions? Are you going to steal my identity?] Any chance of negotiating for more? [What? Should I try? Is that biblical?] If you get more, how would you spend it? [I don't know. Did you have a suggestion?]

Money is important. Sixteen of Jesus' forty parables mention money. [He was a Jew after all (sorry, that was too easy to pass up).] Jesus told one parable to illustrate the truth that "a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions." You can read the story in ... Luke 12:13-21

Picture this situation: You have to evacuate your home for some reason and you have, say, fifteen minutes to gather up the things you want to take with you (knowing that everything else you own will probably be destroyed). Beyond the necessities what do you pack? Pictures? Books? Tapes? [Tapes? I realize this book is dated, but who would have saved their tapes in the first place?] Money (if you have any)? [What? Stashed under the bed?] Jewelry? Now look at how much you're leaving behind. How important is it? Really?

[Picture this situation: Somebody is going to chop off three of your limbs. You have fifteen minutes to decide which one to save. After fifteen minutes you decide to save your right arm. The crazy person chops off your legs and your left arm. How important were those other three limbs really?]

What does that little scene tell you about the importance of all the things you own? You decide. [I've decided my things are pretty damn important to me. I'd be pretty pissed if all my stuff got destroyed except for my essentials. And, of course, my tapes.]

Today the movie "Legion" was released to theaters. The main premise of the story is that God has (again) lost faith in humanity, and has decided to destroy the human race. How does he plan to accomplish this? Angels.

Of course, the fundies are freaking out. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) had this to say:
The movie’s central and bizarre theme is that God has lost faith in man and thus decides to exterminate humanity. To do this work of destruction, He sends angels armed with machine guns commanded by the Archangel Saint Gabriel.
Yeah, that is bizarre. Too bad it has happened in your holy scripture in almost that exact fashion. God once lost faith in humanity and decided to exterminate us. God has, more than a few times, sent angels to do his work of destruction. The only difference is that this is the modern day, so the weapon of choice is a machine gun instead of a "flaming sword".

The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights takes it one step further:
"Legion" puts a negative spin on Christianity, ... [it] promises to be an abortion of a movie.
What? Is that the Catholics' version of saying "that movie is going to be totally gay"? Are we adding this into the lexicon? Abortion = something generically bad. Let me use it in a sentence to see if I have it right:
Person 1: Did you have that new burger at McDonalds?
Person 2: No, was it good?
Person 1: Hell no, it was an abortion.
Yeah, I think I got it.

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  1. So can we start calling religion an "abortion of human sensibility"? I sure hope so.

    I like how their scenario about evacuation didn't include the obvious fourth answer:
    "Pack anything with sentimental value, and then find your insurance information. You'll get it all back."



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