Sunday, January 24, 2010

141: The Book of What?

Ezra 1-3
And all the people gave a great shout of praise to the LORD, because the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid. - Ezra 3:11

First of all, I'll review where we are. It's been so long since I actually talked about any of the story. Israel (throughout Kings and Samuel) were very naughty. So naughty that God allows them to be taken over by Babylon (who is then taken over by Persia). God then afflicts the Babylonians with plagues because they aren't worshiping him (he is "the god of the land" after all). Eventually the Babylonians/Persians start to worship the God of Israel.

This is where Ezra picks up. God tells Cyrus, the king of Persia, to allow some of the Israelites to return to Israel. The bible then lists everyone that is allowed to return to Israel (More lists?! NOOO!). Cyrus even allows them to begin rebuilding their temple to God.

No Ezra yet today. I'm beginning to question how my bible division website divided the bible. This was a really short section.

I couldn't find anything terribly exciting for news today. But I did find a fundie complaining about the filth on TV these days.

First of all, God apparently really cares about muscular organs used to pump blood:
The heart is important and often mentioned in the Bible, but so is the mind. It is safe to say that God cares as much about your mind as He does your heart and in some senses your mind is more important to Him than your heart. Whatever comes into the heart has first entered through the mind. If you would keep a heart that pleases the Lord you must first guard what enters your mind.
I didn't realize memories were stored in the heart. He/She then goes on to imply that God watches prime time TV:
They watch TV shows and movies that are far from pleasing to the Lord. Just about everything on primetime network television is filthy and unfit for the believer
Which ones are we allowed to watch? Did God tell you? Of course, the only thing should really be doing to fill your spare time is reading the bible:
Turn off that boob tube and get out your Bible. Read a good, clean book. There are excellent Christian books available; non-fiction and fiction. Take a walk and pray. Spend some quality time with your spouse (now there is a novel idea!). Sit under the moonlight, look up at the stars
Right, a clean book, full of violence, incest, rape, murder, child abuse, and adultery. I'm not sure how you can get any more clean than that.

(via The Sanford Herald)


  1. If they did the Bible as a TV series the network censors probably wouldn't let it by. To do it justice they'd need to put it on Showtime or HBO.

    But then I'll bet it would get heavily protested for all of the sex and violence even if it was a 100% faithful adaptation of the Good Book. I've run into too many believers who don't realize just how much gore and smut is actually in their Holy Book.

  2. Well, the passion by mel gibson got a pass and I understand it's quite gory (there's no sex, though, I suppose...)



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