Tuesday, February 9, 2010

157: Hating God Has Never Been So Boring

Job 17-20
God has made me a byword to everyone,
a man in whose face people spit.
My eyes have grown dim with grief;
my whole frame is but a shadow. - Job 17:6-7

Oh boy, we've gone from mildly monotonous back to truly boring. There are only so many ways Job can call God an ass hole and not repeat himself. And there are only so many ways Job's friends can say that God is great and Job's an ass hole.

I'm ready for the fascinating conclusion that everyone is talking about. I'm pretty sure this book could be about 6 chapters long, instead of 42.

A professor at a community college in Fresno, California is accused of using his Health Sciences class as a weekly church service/anti-abortion rally.

He's quoted as saying "If people don't want to have children what's the scoop on that? Why put ourselves through the expense and torture and the butchering of children?" So professional.

Two students have filed complaints with the school administration. In these complaints, the professor is accused of reading the bible in class, and expressing his (presumably negative) opinion on homosexuality.

I just don't get it. I don't know what, as a teacher, makes you say "Hmm, I really need to make these kids think the way I do about everything, even though I'm supposed to be teaching them about science." I've never gotten the urge, while teaching my lab, to profess my atheism or read passages from the God Delusion. That would be unrelated and stupid, just like reading the bible and expressing your opinion on abortion.

(via UPI)
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