Wednesday, February 10, 2010

158: The Problem of Evil

Job 21-23
Bear with me while I speak, and after I have spoken, mock on. - Job 21:3

Job talks about the problem of evil in today's section. He asks his friends why good people have terrible things happen to them (like Job has just had happen) while evil people live in peace and prosperity.

His friends respond by saying Job was really evil. This is completely untrue. God himself said that Job was blameless in all things. His friends are obviously talking out of their asses to make him turn to religion. That's oddly like what people do these days.

They keep telling him to go back to God and he will be happy. But he'd never even questioned God's goodness until everything was destroyed (by God). How did worshiping God loyally help him? Wouldn't he be just as bad off (or maybe better off) if he hadn't been worshiping God in the first place?

Job finishes out the section begging God to show himself so he can present his case.


As all good fundies know, the world is ending soon. Since end times are near, we know that the biblical prophecies are going to start coming true. Among those prophecies is the mark of the beast.

The idea is that some "mark" will be put on everyone so that they can do business. Some (crazy) people think that this mark will come in the form of an implanted chip. I'm not sure how that's a mark, considering it goes under your skin, but we'll roll with it.

This came up because there is new legislation in the Virginia House of Delegates to ban "involuntary" implantation of radio frequency (RF) chips. I'm pretty sure involuntarily stabbing something into someone's arm is already illegal.

Compounding the stupidity is that if God says something, it's supposed to happen no matter what. So shouldn't these people be supporting the immediate, involuntary implantation of RF chips? It might bring back Jesus sooner!

(via The Washington Post)


  1. I have to agree with the fundies a little bit on this one, though of course for entirely different reasons. The idea of being tagged and tracked everywhere I go makes me understandably uneasy. And then anyone with a radio-frequency reader could steal your identity. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but I do want to see some serious protective legislation before RFID implants are put anywhere near people.

  2. The point was that it is already illegal in numerous ways to "involuntarily" tag someone with a radio chip. That is like making a law that it is illegal to stab someone with a fork. It is already illegal to assault them, illegal to harm them etc.



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