Sunday, February 14, 2010

162: Elihu Fails

Job 35-37
The godless in heart harbor resentment;
even when he fetters them, they do not cry for help.
They die in their youth,
among male prostitutes of the shrines. - Job 13-14

Well, as much as Elihu promised that he was going to tell us something new and exciting to convince Job to stop complaining, he's failed to follow through. He pretty much says that God makes rain and made everything in the universe. What a revolutionary concept. Also, God is so great that he's beyond our understanding. I've never heard that argument before.

The one thing that I did find interesting is the quote of the day. (---Read Now---) This could be why some Christians think atheists are super-heathens that hate everyone. The bible does say so after all. We always "harbor resentment" (I resent that). We don't cry out to God for help (maybe because we don't think God exists). Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, if you're an atheist, you're going to die in your youth hanging out with prostitutes.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow. The title of the first paragraph is "The Lord Speaks". Sounds interesting.

As many of you know, this Friday was Darwin Day. This has led some organizations to declare this weekend "Evolution Weekend". The organizations doing this may surprise you.

Over the weekend nearly 850 churches across the country had sermons about science and religion, and their ability to coexist. Leading up to this was the clergy letter project. Over 13,000 clergymen signed a letter saying that religion and science can coexist (peacefully).

I could pretty much talk about this all day, but my homework procrastinating has caught up with me. Check out the article, it's pretty interesting.

(via The Milford Daily News)


  1. As a straight female atheist, I wouldn't mind dying with a bunch of male prostitutes, but preferably not in my youth. =)

  2. One of the pastors they quote has the name Tim Horton, and it made me giggle a little -- where I'm from there is a pretty popular coffee chain called Tim Horton's (named after the hockey player).

    For some reason, I pictured in my head a solid-chinned square-framed jock of a man with a preacher's white collar covering his neck and a coffee paper-cup in his hand. There's Tim, talking to the reporter about creationism and the importance of starting the day with a double-double...



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