Thursday, February 18, 2010

166: God is Great(ish)

Psalms 9-16
The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;
there is no one who does good.- Psalm 14:1

All the Psalms today are written by David.

Psalm 9: David praises God for utterly destroying David's enemies. David prays for even more terror to befall them at the hands of God. I thought this was supposed to be a happy book of praise.

Psalm 10: David switches gears a bit. The first thing he asks is why God stands off in times of need, and why he hides himself all the time. He spends the rest of the chapter pondering why evil people run free without feeling God's wrath.

Psalm 11: David says God hates violence. So God hates himself?

Psalm 12: David bemoans the fact that there are no more faithful people in the world. Of course, not faithful and wicked are one in the same to David.

Psalm 13: David again switches back to crying because God hides himself all the time. But he still trusts God... For some reason.

Psalm 14: We have yet another jab at atheism from Psalms, David says that those who don't believe in God are fools. All atheists are corrupt and their deeds are foul. Man, I guess I need to start being nastier to people. The bible says I have to.

Psalm 15: David says that those who are blameless in all things will never be shaken. Wait, so I guess Job wasn't shaken? Because he was blameless.

Psalm 16:God is great. The end.

Well, if you read this before about 10:00 PM Thursday, you would have noticed that the news section was conspicuously blank. I was experiencing the tea party movement first hand. About half way through this guy's crazy rant I feared I would be there past midnight and therefore miss a day of my actual bible post. I decided to publish from my iPod sans news section just in case.

Since I don't really feel like looking up news at this point, I think I'll share a little bit of what I've learned about the tea party tonight. My friend Mike (Politics and Pucks) was there with me, so I'm sure he'll have a much more political opinion about the horror we witnessed. I'm more interested in the religious/crazy aspect to it.

Flier for the Event

First of all, the speaker was Donn Brown, who is running for Indiana State Representative in 2010. Some of his crazy is immediately apparent on his website. He's pro death penalty for just about anything. He thinks hanging (explicitly in public) should be brought back. America needs to go back to being a God fearing nation (with Levitical law apparently).

He bemoaned the fact that 60% of Indiana funds went to education (I don't know if this is true). He's tired of hearing the words "diversity" and "tolerance" because those terms divide Americans. However, he thinks that almost all powers should be given back to the state, because all of America can't be governed in one way (p.s. That's not dividing America).

The right to keep and bear arms was brought up. Somebody in the audience said that Americans should be able to own automatic weapons. Mike asked Donn if he thought people should be able to have rocket launchers... "Yes"... Tanks.... "Yes"... He said whatever weapon an individual can afford (as long as they are a "law abiding citizen") they should be able to own. At this point I decided to take it to the extreme and ask if every citizen (that can afford it) should be able to own a nuclear weapon. That question was never answered. Great.

A few other points of stupidity. He said feminism (and liberalism) are the death of America. Right, and every citizen owning a nuclear weapon wouldn't at all be the death of America. The Constitution is in tatters, the end of America is near. Also, if a woman has a baby, she should be at home with that baby. Because men can't raise children as well as women can.

I, for one, will be voting for whoever is running against this guy.


  1. Dude, UR prolific. thanks for your efforts.


  2. Your post almost makes me wish that I still lived in Indiana just so I could vote against that guy myself.


  3. littlemissblasphemyApril 21, 2010 at 11:44 PM

    I don't think telling people that you think hanging should be brought back is a good move. That's extremely disturbing..



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