Sunday, February 21, 2010

169: Dude, You're Such a Rock

Psalms 26-31
To you I call, O LORD my Rock; do not turn a deaf ear to me. - Psalm 28:1

All the Psalms today are written by David.

Psalm 26: David says how wonderful he is. He says he is blameless. Sure you are David.

Psalm 27: God is David's salvation. God helps David when people are trying to eat him ("When evil men advance against me to devour my flesh").

Psalm 28: David calls God a rock again. Is this a compliment? Should I start going around calling my friends rocks? He again asks God not to drag him away with the wicked.

Psalm 29: God is the king. God gives strength to people. The end.

Psalm 30: God helped David (somehow) and David is grateful. The sections today are really failing to be interesting.

Psalm 31: David hates those who worship false idols. David spends the rest of the long chapter saying how wonderful God is. How many of these Psalms are there? Oh, that's right, 150. Oh boy.

Wow, we have two bible teacher child rapists in two days.

The relationship started with 49 year old Scott Spier becoming a mentor to a 15 year old student. It escalated into an obviously inappropriate sexual relationship. Just let me reiterate, no matter what position of "trust" a person is in, don't leave them alone with your kids. It just seems like a bad idea.

I don't have much to say about this. If you want to see the whole story check out the link.

(via KTVB)


  1. Maybe David thinks God is a wrestling fan?

  2. God certainly has to be a wrestling fan ;-)

    I don't know if 'rock' is a compliment or not, but it seems quite apt.

    - solid, somewhat hard to dislodge or move (depending of course on the size of rock you choose)
    - really hard to have a conversation with (no ears that we can see, no mouth)unless maybe delusions enter in to the equation
    - feels great to hurl at enemies
    - feels bad when hurled at us (or when we drop him on our own foot)

    Keep up the good work, man! Yer doin' fine in getting through the Psalms of Praise and Pleading. Some do get to be eye-openers (Psalm 137, oie!) but please slog through despite the disinterest...

  3. Maybe David is just saying, "God, you rock!!!"



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