Monday, February 22, 2010

170: God Tastes Like Chicken

Psalms 32-35
"Taste and see that the Lord is good..." - Psalm 34:8

Psalm 32 (David): Those who God forgives are blessed. So insightful. Everyone who is godly should pray. Psalm 32, shall be called henceforth "Psalm of the obvious and apparent".

Psalm 33 (no author mentioned): You should sing to God a lot. This mysterious writer had obviously not heard my singing. The mystery writer also says God made the earth, as if we hadn't heard that yet. God apparently gathers the water of the seas and puts them in jars in his spare time, good to know. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord". God is God eh? Does this mean the nation also gets to join the tautology club? Unless that sentence implies there are other gods, which we all know isn't true.

Psalm 34 (David): This seems like yet another boring Psalm. David says that we should fear God, glorify him, and so on and so fourth ad nauseam. That's until I got to the 8th verse: "Taste and see that the Lord is good...". We get to taste God?! I wonder if he tastes anything like Jesus (from what I hear he tastes a lot like stale crackers and cheap wine). I guess I have to hold off judgment on whether God is good until the taste test.

Psalm 35 (David): More of David praying for his enemies to be destroyed by God. Nothing terribly exciting.

We have yet another great practical use for the bible, storing pot! It seems like I've already had a story like this, but it's been too long ago.

A couple was pulled over in Florida for a traffic violation. As the officer approached the car he reportedly smelled marijuana. He decided to search the vehicle. The officer found a bible between the seats, and the holy spirit must have overtaken him because he opened it up. And lo and behold, there was the marijuana! The THC Ministry will be pleased.

And I was starting to think the bible was useless, silly me.

(via The Brewton Standard)


  1. http://xkcdsucks.blogspotFebruary 22, 2010 at 9:14 PM

    Looks like people don't know what tautologies are (includ-no, especially Randall).

  2. X = X is always true (aka tautology). Or in a rhetorical sense "repitition of meaning, using different or dissimilar words that effectively say the same thing" (a la Wikipedia). Which doesn't work so well in XKCD's sense but works perfectly in mine (Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord).

    Please enlighten us on your superior definition of tautology.

  3. you have a blog dedicated to pissing on xkcd?
    dude, get a life.

  4. Bryan,

    Your tautology issue here is a result of misunderstanding the translation. The translations typically used capital LORD for the name Yahweh. This name was revealed to Moses in Exodus 3 and has the meaning (loosely), "the one who really is" ( in contrast to false gods). Thus Psalm 33:12 is saying, blessed is the nation whose God is Yahweh in contrast to any other so called 'god.' Hope this helps.



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