Monday, March 1, 2010

177: Damn Those Atheists

Psalm 70-73
Hasten, O God, to save me; O LORD, come quickly to help me. - Psalm 70:1

Psalm 70 (David): David asks God to save him from his enemies. This marks the 8,473 time David has asked for God to save him (possible hyperbole).

Psalm 71 (No Author Mentioned): Mystery author calls God a rock. This author seems very concerned that God will abandon him when he gets old. He repeatedly asks God to not forsake him as he gets older. He insists that he will keep praying even when he is old. God must only keep old people alive so they will pray to him.

Psalm 72 (Solomon): Solomon doesn't have anything terribly interesting to say. He just talks about how wonderful the king will be (I'm pretty sure he's talking about himself) after God endows him with power.

The bible says that this is the end of the Psalms of David.


Psalm 73 (Asaph): Asaph says how wonderful God is and how he is going to Destroy everyone who doesn't believe in him. Doesn't anyone have something original to say?


Nathan De La Garza was sent to the principles office for carrying around his bible and starting religious "debates".

He was supposedly causing a disruption but I'm not sure if I buy it. This was a time when students were allowed to freely talk. I won't speculate too much on this because I obviously don't have all of the information. If this was free discussion time, he should certainly be allowed to have a religious discussion.

What really caught my eye in this article was some of the reactions he talked about from people in his school upon seeing he had a bible in hand. First of all, let me mention that in my high school we had someone carry around their bible daily and nobody even mentioned it. Maybe that's just because I live in the middle of Indiana.

Here are the reactions that are mentioned in the article:
Jehovahs Witness: Offered to trade bibles.
Muslim: Talked to him about her faith.

This was all perfectly ok, until he talked to a dreaded atheist (which we all know have horns and fearsome claws).

Atheists: "The atheist people, they try ganging up on you all the time. They make the rudest comments."

I can't imagine what his definition of "rude comment" is. Also, way to stereotype a group of people. I make a concerted effort not to go around saying all Christians hate vast groups of people based on arbitrary things layed out in a 2000 year old book. I won't stereotype if you don't.

(via The Journal Times)


  1. I think that the reason atheists are perceived as rude and aggressive by the wider majority of evangelists is this: we, by and large, have thought on matters of faith long and hard. We have reasons for believing, or not, that are much stronger than "'coz my parents/pastor/whatever said so!" Most evangelists seem to fear this because faith can often be moved by reason, but reason is rarely displaced by faith. And what you fear, you try to minimise. The evangelistic tend to write off atheistic comments as 'rude' or 'bullying', etc., so that they don't have to think about the comment. Such that they never let reason anywhere near their faith, which isn't half as strong as they want you to think.

    Never mind the ever-present and self-perpetuating fear of hell...

  2. @Jimbo

    Not to mention the fact that a result of a recent pole in the US showed that atheists and agnostics, on average, know more about religion than most religious groups. I can see how evangelists would think it's rude to constantly point out their errors.



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