Sunday, March 7, 2010

183: Meet Me Halfway

Psalm 96-102
My days are like the evening shadow; I wither away like grass. - Psalm 102:11

As of today I am over halfway through the bible! Or at least half of the days are up. Who knows how evenly this biblical dividing website has split the bible.

Psalm 96 (Anonymous): God is the best god (again). And we should most definitely worship him. Psalms repetitiveness has gone from amusing, to entertaining, to boring.

Psalm 97 (Anonymous): God rules over the world. Everyone should fear him because he burns people he doesn't like to death. There's an interesting image in this chapter, the bible says God is "surrounded by darkness". That seems like the opposite of what I've always heard. I thought God was surrounded by light and only the bad guys were dark. I guess "Lord of darkness" doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "I am that I am".

Psalm 98 (Anonymous): We should all sing to God. You should also shout for joy because of God (when he's not too busy killing/maiming you).

Psalm 99 (Anonymous): All the nations should tremble because of God. God loves justice. Anonymous has to go back over Moses and Aaron again, in case we forgot.

Psalm 100 (Anonymous): Shout for joy and thank God for everything. The psalms today are terribly unexciting, and psalm 100 is only 2 short paragraphs long.

Psalms 101 (David): Again, I thought we were done with the psalms of David. David lets us know how he hates what the faithless people do (love you too David). David says he's going to "put people to silence" (to death?).

Psalms 102 (An afflicted man): This afflicted man prays for God to cure him. He says that because of God's wrath his days are like shadows. However, he seems confident that God will come back and have compassion for Israel (not necessarily him).

In the name of getting homework done, I'm giving you a video. It's a little genesis bible study by Ricky Gervais.

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