Wednesday, March 10, 2010

186: Mr. Deity and the Dodge Charger

Psalm 108-114
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom - Psalm 111:10

Psalm 108 (David): David says God is great and asks for help killing his enemies. I think God would have answered the first time if he was going to help you David.

Psalm 109 (David): David asks for help killing his enemies again, but this time he goes about it in a bit of a different way. He asks God to appoint someone evil to appose his enemies. He tells God to put an "accuser" at their side. The interesting part is that "accuser", according to my NIV footnotes, can be translated into "Satan". So David is asking God to send Satan after them (depending on how you want to translate it). Which doesn't seem terribly out of the question, considering God and Satan seem to hang out a lot (see Job).

Psalm 110 (David): God now says (says David) that he will come help crush David's enemies. Finally.

Psalm 111 (Anonymous): God is great, says anonymous. Also, you can't be wise without fearing God.

Psalm 112 (Anonymous): Anyone who fears God will be blessed. All the wicked people will supposedly see this blessing and be so jealous that they will waste away to nothing.

Psalm 113 (Anonymous): God is wonderful. Nobody is as wonderful as God. The Psalms have definitely turned into a yawnfest.

Psalm 114 (Anonymous): The whole earth trembles in the presence of God. All the mountains skip around like rams (since when?).

A new Mr. Deity came out, AND it's payday. Every other Wednesday is a happy day.

If you didn't catch that first part. Maybe this will help you:

I thought he looked familiar.

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  1. Bryan,

    I think the funniest thing about that NIV translation for sending Satan to them, is that at this point of the bible, Satan is still an angel (though the bible never defines what an angel is??) actually quite a good guy, clearly he is higly intelligent. Nothing has been made mention that he is evil, nor is it mentioned that he resides in, created, owns or is the appointed guardian of hell (which has only been mentioned once in passing so far i think?)

    So David is asking GOD to send his smartest servent to his enemies. No wonder he has to keep asking for help.




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