Tuesday, March 16, 2010

192: God Ignores David, Again

Psalm 140-145
O LORD, what is man that you care for him, the son of man that you think of him? Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow. - Psalm 144:3-4

All the Psalms today are written by David. Should be an annoying and repetitive day.

Psalm 140: David begs for God to save him from his enemies. I really think God heard you the first time David. David suggests a few more ways that God could destroy his enemies for him; rain coals on their head, throw them into fire, or throw them into a pit. David seems like a whiny toddler that won't leave you alone till he gets what he wants.

Psalm 141: David says it's ok if righteous men strike him or rebuke him. I think if someone is beating you he's not very righteous.

Psalm 142: David tells God about how he cries to him all of the time. This is my prayer: God, give David what he wants so he will stop bitching. Amen. I'm surprised that even an all powerful being can resist the nagging of king David.

Psalm 143: Yet again David pleads with God to save him from his enemies. David really never came off as this annoying till we got to psalms. No wonder David's enemies want to kill him, they're just trying to shut him up.

Psalm 144: God is a rock (yes, I'm still amused by this). David tells God another way that he could destroy David's enemies (this time lightning). At what point can we declare David clinically insane? Allow me to quote Albert Einstein "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Well, David is certainly doing, and saying, the same thing over and over and over and over ... and over again, and he's obviously expecting God to eventually come to his senses and come help him. On top of this, David is probably talking to himself, so that makes him extra insane.

Psalm 145: This is labeled a psalm of praise. And surprise, surprise it's a psalm of praise. I question David's motives for writing a psalm of praise after God has obviously not given him the help he wanted. Maybe he's trying to butter him up to finally help him? Or maybe he's just insane (the prevailing theory).

I've been generally supportive of kids bringing their bibles to school, and even reading it when they were supposed to be reading good books. But someone has finally crossed the line (the line being my arbitrary line of acceptability).

A Kentucky middle school student has been suspended for standing on a chair in the cafeteria, shouting bible verses. When she was told to step down, she refused, continuing her biblical rant. This has prompted a morning prayer circle in support of the suspended student. The students feel that her two day suspension was too severe. Really? I've seen students expelled for bringing squirt guns to school. I think an uncontrolled, possibly dangerous (it's easy to fall off a chair) rant, deserves a couple of days off.

I come away from reading this article with one big question, who are this girl's parents? What has this kid been indoctrinated with that would prompt her to do something this crazy at 14 years old?

Moral of the story: bring your bible to school, read it when you're allowed to, even talk about it with your friends. Don't stand on a chair and shout it out loud. Don't refuse to stop when your teacher tells you to. Don't pretend you're being oppressed when you're suspended for two days. (i.e. Don't be psycho.)

(via Louisville Courier-Journal)

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  1. "I think if someone is beating you he's not very righteous."

    Normally I would agree with you, but I think we can make an exception is that person is beating the whingeing David.



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