Monday, April 12, 2010

219: The Widowmaker (God)

Isaiah 45-48
"Both of these will overtake you in a moment, on a single day: loss of children and widowhood." - Isaiah 47:9

It'd be nice if the entire bible was stories. At least I can talk about those. Isaiah has regressed back into God ranting about how he is the only God. Really God, we get it. You're the only one, will you stop saying it now?

God also says that he is going to bless Cyrus. This is presumably for letting the Israelites back into Jerusalem/Israel. That doesn't really make sense though, considering that God is the one that originally kicked the Israelites out of Israel. Not to mention that God should have no problem shepherding the Israelites back to Israel whenever he pleases, considering he's all mighty.

Surprise, surprise, chapter 46 is yet another chapter explaining how all the other Gods are false idols, and God is the only real god. God tells the Israelites yet again to not mold gold into false idols and worship it. It's a good thing people don't mold gold into Jesus and hang it around their neck. Oh wait...

Chapter 47 is a message to Babylon. God tells Babylon that he was angry with Israel, so he let the Babylonians take them over. However, he explains that he doesn't like Babylon either. God calls Babylon a "queen" (again personifying something inanimate as a woman) and says that "she" will become childless and widowed. God chastises Babylon for trusting in their spells and incantations. Too bad God encouraged them to keep using their spells and incantations by helping them take over Israel. Of course they're going to think their spells are working if God is assisting them while they're performing the spells.

For almost all of the final chapter, God explains how he knew that the Israelites were stubborn people from the very beginning. Why are they the chosen people then? Why wouldn't God choose a group of people that were more easily molded to his will? If God wants obedience, he sure doesn't act like it.

God finishes out today's section by telling Israel that he's going to deliver them from Babylon.

The article today is short and sweet, but don't worry, it's full of crazy.

You can tell it's going to be good from the very first sentence:
The Tea Party Movement and their desperate citizens with the help of military leaders, will try to assume control of Washington DC.
Wait, the Tea Partiers are actually revolutionaries? They're going to take over Washington D.C. with military force? So who are the valiant Tea Partiers up against?:
There is currently a struggle between the right and left. Atheists are destroying the Bill of Rights and Evolutionists are supplanting God in classrooms.

Atheists are busy introducing the foreign concept of separation of religion from the state, which contradicts the very words of the Bill of Rights and the examples that were set by out Christian Forefathers. Atheism by its very nature is a dictatorship that is at war against the Bill of Rights and democratic government.
Atheists! Always running around and trying to be dictators. We can clearly see this by the overwhelming majority of politicians that are atheists. Atheists are also clearly at war with the Bill of Rights by exercising their free speech, and freedom of (from) religion rights. The best part is when Edward McKinney, a "bible prophet expert" steps in:
“Tea Party Movement, past and current world leaders are in Bible prophecy.

According to McKinney, “It's all here, the Persian Gulf Wars, President Bush, President Clinton. The election of President Obama and more”.

McKinney is unique among biblical researchers and has an accurate understanding of end-time prophecy. McKinney was the first to predict that a black man would be elected President of the United States in 2008 and that a Clinton would be in the White House.
How exactly are all those things in the bible? I almost want to read this book to find out, but I can't let the crazy win. The last paragraph is hilarious, McKinney is apparently the biblical scholar that is uniquely right in his interpretation of biblical prophecy. I wonder how many other bible scholars claim to be "uniquely correct".

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