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225: Kill the Kids First

Jeremiah 4-6
"But I am full of the wrath of the LORD, and I cannot hold it in. 'Pour it out on the children in the street and on the young men gathered together; both husband and wife will be caught in it, and the old, those weighed down with years.' " - Jeremiah 6:11

All of today's section is about God's punishment of Israel. He tells Jeremiah to go tell the leaders of Israel that God is going to send an army from the north to destroy them. I think this is the modern equivalent of a homeless man holding a sign saying "The End is Near". There's no chance that the leaders of Israel are going to listen to one random guy ranting about their destruction, and surely God knows that. What's the point of sending someone to tell the people of Israel if God already knows what's going to happen?

God then goes on to call all the people of Israel fools that are only good at doing evil. Why did God make them that way then? I'm told all the time that God makes everyone and has a plan for everyone. So what was God's plan for these "fools" that he created? If God knows everything, then he must have known that he would eventually destroy all of these people he created. Why not make them so that they would be more loyal, instead of creating them just to destroy them?

At the beginning of chapter 5 God tells Jeremiah to go through the streets of Jerusalem and find one person that is righteous. If he can do this then God will spare the city. This is another situation where God already knows the outcome, who's he trying to convince here? On a side note, he did this same thing with Sodom and Gomorrah and then never actually gave anyone a chance to look for any of the righteous people.

This is an interesting quote for anyone who claims that God will forgive you no matter what:
'Why should I forgive you?
Your children have forsaken me
and sworn by gods that are not gods.
I supplied all their needs,
yet they committed adultery
and thronged to the houses of prostitutes.
They are well-fed, lusty stallions,
each neighing for another man's wife.
Should I not punish them for this?'
declares the LORD.
'Should I not avenge myself
on such a nation as this?'
God will forgive you no matter what, unless you forsake him, commit adultery, or visit a prostitute.

The rest of today's section is God telling Israel's enemies how to destroy them. Strangely, he puts children first on the list of people to pour his wrath onto. Are these not the most innocent among the Israelites? Also on the list of people to kill: women and the elderly. Classy, God.

Marsha West thinks there's a spiritual battle going on in the United States, I think she's a nut job. You decide.

She first has to convince us that there are demons that need to be cast out of the country:
Here’s another questions for doubters: Why would the Son of God give the apostles power over evil spirits that are non existent?

According to the Bible the apostles were given the authority to cast out demons. (Mark 16:17,18; Luke 10:17; Acts 5:16; 8:7; 16:16-18; 19:12)

If fallen angels aren’t real, why would the account of the temptation of Jesus by Satan be included in the Gospels?
Unfortunately, most of the "doubters" she speaks of are also unconvinced that the bible is a perfect account of the universe. She continues:
These cunning spirits enlist men and women to pass on their lies and deceit! (The dumbest demon is a whole lot smarter than the most brilliant human. Even smarter than Barack and Hillary put together.)

According to the Bible a spiritual battle is raging. Humans are unaware of what’s taking place. We’re unable to see it because it’s in the invisible realm.
I think she's a little politically confused. See, if you disagree with someone, you don't claim that they're the smartest person on the planet. As for the second paragraph, the invisible and the non-existent look very much alike. This next paragraph is the best one:
No doubt some readers are thinking, “I can’t buy into the idea of a war going on between angels and demons.” That’s fine. But please explain to me what is going on in this country. No one can deny that a culture war has been brewing for decades. Kids vs. Parents…Sexual deviancy vs. Virtue…Hollywood vs. Family values…Filth vs. Decency…Pro-death vs. Pro-life…Moral relativism vs. Absolute truth…Christian liberalism vs. Christian orthodoxy…Atheism vs. Theism…Evolution vs. Creation. If all of this weren’t bad enough, there’s another war brewing: Big government vs. Free enterprise.
Now we see the real purpose of this article. It's much easier to get your political point across when you can convince people that the other side is ruled by "demons" or "evil spirits". That's much easier than actually making a valid point about why your political enemies are incorrect. My favorite one in that list is the "Pro-death vs Pro-life". It's funny, because the same people that are "pro-life" (against abortion) are usually pro-death penalty.

She then goes on to say how our country is descending into socialism. She complains that the socialists want to take money from the haves and give it to the have-nots. That's strangely similar to giving to the poor. I think Jesus had a few things to say about that.

She goes on to list another one of Satan's diabolical methods of turning the country into a godless nation. Political correctness!
The “politically correct police” pressure (bludgeon) people into conforming to social change. Paul Proctor points out that “It puts into practice any number of unbiblical behaviors, theories, religions and causes from promoting promiscuity, to homosexuality, to syncretism, to abortion rights, to euthanasia, to birth control, to stem cell research, to Darwinism, to faith-based initiatives, to ‘no child left behind,’ to global warming, to you name it…”
Wait, political correctness causes people to be promiscuous homosexuals? Why are "faith-based initiatives" on this list? Is that not what she's supporting? I certainly hope she means that political correctness helps the "theory" of global warming, not that it actually causes global warming. I guess both of those ideas make no sense, never mind.

Finally, Marsha tells us we need to get back to the scripture:
Many pastors in our postmodern, moral relativistic, anything goes, live and let live houses of worship are too cowardly to teach on what the scriptures say about heaven and hell. If all paths lead to heaven, as progressives believe, will unrepentant tyrants, mass murderers, serial rapists, pedophiles, prostitutes, drug dealers and animal abusers go to heaven? What about atheists and those who say they’d rather go to hell where their friends are? Will God-haters be in heaven too? Is Judas there?
You know what, I think she's convinced me. We should get back to the scripture. "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent." - 1 Timothy 2:12.

(via News With Views)

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  1. what ideas does god and all of their families who follow the constradiction of law that allowed the ceation of all life in this universe show the imperfect minds that allowed caos to dominate in regards towards the media evidence within planet earth that proved the irregular beleives of independent humans who had all acted out with the imperfect practise of hiding within the shadows of their safe heaven and denied life from receiving justice. the evidence towards the bible that discusses the beginning of the creation of planet earth in the context that defines the primitive process of humans being subjected towards the cruel testing of males and females living in eden who judged for reliving the beginning of sodom that had been in control by some god who desired life to relive the incest beginning of the seven devils history that allowed one and all parts of the revised documentation of the bible to posess the evidence to support denial to which the content of information of history showed the many modern man and women proving the test of human life in the past had shown that history in the past and present had a relationship to the developement of understanding the human mind that had been subjected to imperfect beleives of life desiring to be a center role model - life that posess the mind of wanting to be worshipped like a god as the genetic design of all humans who posesses this thinking idea are simply missing something that no other human alien and animal could ever fulfill this missing part of the bibel that would state its authenticity that displays the human emotions being developed into a perfect being.
    many acted out with their beleives of fanstasing history to which the evidence that the church allowed many human beings who documentes their own versions of history of humans alien animal heaven and hell had all chose to be the victim of crime that misled their primary function of love to which love in both spaces of time heaven and hell had been the creation of life that desired this unloving act to be existent in this planet earth to which alll nations had proven the indoctrination of law that allowed this human specie to be judged by devils who posess no understanding of history of the universe. the failure within humans that had been led by the church says much in all races that posess their own versions of gods that allowed human life to be misled to the led into armageddone - judgement day which all that remain on planet earth had been judge along time ago and all awaiting for their love of punishment that allowed each human life to show the meaning of gods love. as it is known to any life human alien animal who are led into the posession of technology allows their own failure to miss the point of all being dramatised into an area of end failure such as the evolution of law which the church posess it once upon a time ago.
    JEREMIAH- CODE = 6BC to 6AD, 1680-1740 AD - JA reenactments many interests alpha heaven. Judgement Amimal humans being educated for the being placed within a stage performace set that allowed the univseral rule that displayed here on planet earth that allowed caos to rule until their politcal control showed what all life were being setup in being responsible for every criminal action that is used against them when the test of the weakness in all life shows the technology failure that allowed countless of human life that chose to deny the reasons of gods that created this planet that allowed human life to relive the evidence of sodom.



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