Wednesday, April 21, 2010

228: Sorry, God Has Run Out of Compassion

Jeremiah 14-17
" 'You have rejected me,' declares the LORD. 'You keep on backsliding. So I will lay hands on you and destroy you; I can no longer show compassion.' " - Jeremiah 15:6

The book of Jeremiah is turning out to be pretty terrible, and we still have almost a week and a half to go. Again, God just spends most of the day describing how he's going to destroy Israel. To make matters worse, we've heard all of these terrible things God is going to do before.

The section starts today with Israel experiencing a drought. Jeremiah prays to God to show mercy on Israel. To make a long story short, God says no. To add insult to injury, God tells Jeremiah not to pray for the people of Israel anymore, because he's not going to help them. Praying seems sort of silly anyway and undermines the claim that God has a wonderful plan for everyone (if God has a perfect plan, then your prayers aren't going to change his mind), so I guess God is doing Jeremiah a favor and telling him prayer is useless from the get-go.

Jeremiah begs a little more for Israel's salvation, until the beginning of chapter 15. Here, God tells Jeremiah that even if it were Moses or Samuel praying for Israel he would not relent. He then proceeds to tell Jeremiah how he's going to kill the people of Israel with swords and wild animals. God says that if Jeremiah repents (I'm not sure why he needs to) he will save him. But Israel is doomed.

Again adding insult to injury, God tells Jeremiah he can't have kids or a wife. God says that if he marries anyone, he will be among those that get killed. Why? What is Jeremiah being punished for? Chapter 16 ends with God saying that he will eventually lead what remains of Israel back to the promised land. This is referring to the Israelites returning from Babylon I assume. I'm not sure why this book is chronologically after the previous books. Maybe we'll see by the end of the book.

In chapter 17 God tells us all about how he's going to take away the riches of Israel and give it to their enemies. Is this before or after God kills them? I think if they're being disemboweled they're not going to care too much about their riches being taken away. The chapter ends with God telling the Israelites to keep the sabbath day holy. Just in case they forgot the 10+ other times the bible has said to keep the sabbath day holy.


A man in Wyoming has painted "Leviticus 20:13 To Be Gay = Death" on his fence. Is he just being a douchebag or is he breaking the law?

While I would personally love to have this painted over, I (and all of the other reasonable people among us) have to realize that even though this is offensive, I can't have it taken down just because I don't like it. The only problem I have with this from a first amendment standpoint is the meaning of "to be gay = death". Does that mean he's going to go kill gay people? Is this message encouraging others to do so? If the answer to either of those is yes, then I think there is a legal basis for having the message painted over.

Remember, pretty much anything you say is going to be offensive to someone. Don't fall into the trap of saying something should be taken down just because it offends you.

(via Fox News Phoenix)

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  1. The Book of Jeremiah is not chronologically later than some of the earlier books. It's just that the prophets have all been grouped together at the back. It's a thematic, not chronological, division.



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